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Ready to get out of your comfort zone?

Having just rebuilt my dream home, I find myself in a small student’s studio. Setting up and video calling all friends and family excitedly showing my new life for the next one year, it hit me hard later (though I did laugh it off that time) when Devina said, “Mom you built yourself such a fancy house, especially a kickass kitchen and now you are living in a small kitchen yourself!” It didn’t take too long for my initial euphoria to die down. When you have been used to a certain way of life (not a spoilt brattish way), even if filled with struggles, I started to wonder if I really am ready for all the hard work along with all the rigour that a Masters degree entails?

I have been pretty hands on working in my house, but no shame in admitting, I was missing Mahender and Jeevan (cook and chauffeur). But until my classes start, I have all the time to live and enjoy in my make belief world of playing ‘house’ or as we say ‘ghar ghar’ in Hindi.

The fantasy was short lived because I was left in the cold (literally!) by Uber!! Now would be great time to mention that Uber in Bournemouth sucks!

Because like an injured batsman who had to take on my most inexperienced runner- Archana, I couldn’t pack all that we should have. So my second day was about Primark and Tiger getting all my basics sorted. And sorted I did.. a la kid in a candy shop! I shopped like there was no tomorrow. I had lost all my things in the fire so even the basics had to be bought and built from scratch.

So here I was with all my shopping bags dumped in one huge bag on my shoulder waiting for an Uber. 7-10-15-26 minutes, then it cancelled. This happened around 10 times, and with my phone battery draining, I decided to walk towards the Uni.

I mean how bad could it be?

Turns out the answer to that question was ‘extremely’.

My Uni was a 50 minute walk- mostly uphill and I think in the excitement of shopping I had forgotten about my swollen foot.

Though I kept trying for an Uber along the way, but to no avail. I just had to limp back. Oh yes.. I cried, I swore, but I limped on.

Alone, frozen, swollen foot, most painful shoulders – I plodded on.

The calm expression for a selfie.. oh lugged i did!

While popping the painkiller that night, all I could think was , what if this was a huge mistake? Was I really ready to get out of my comfort zone and live the students life (and budget) ?

I have always been my favourite company, happy to be on my own with a very small circle of friends.

Now in this new phase of my life, I can either lump it or limp on.

Ofcourse we march onwards!!

The next challenge for me is to make friends… 26 years post my graduation!

Kyun ki har ek dost zaroori hota hai

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