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The Trophy, 2022 Repetitive, laborious processes of wrapping, layering and moulding trans- form the trappings of daily life. Mediums unexpected of the artist, trans- form the personal paraphernalia and narratives of the past as old, used, simple and mundane objects are replicated or re-presented. Shoes, lin- gerie, pots and pans appear cast in paper and occupy the studio or gal- lery in oddly provocative ways. Site specific works are made from pieces of gum paper- torn, dipped and pasted. As these pliable coatings create form, they speak of bodily postures and past utilities. A collection of jumpers seemingly stuffed and hung in frozen postures suggests a wall of hunting trophies. This set of living beasts now over- come is curiously incomplete, perhaps showcasing commodities still to be gained or power still to be wielded. Behind this overtly hierarchical struc- ture, sinister eyes watch from peep holes secreted within plaques, allud- ing to hidden rooms and unknown participants beyond. Although varied, the outputs share sculptural experiential language of materials and their nostalgic associations. The impoverished, inexpensive and recycled are given new life, and yet carry the temporal, transitory and ephemeral tales of their origins. Such encounters between audience, ob- jects and space enable new dialogues, characters, environments, stories and meanings to be generated, whilst remembered narratives of belong- ing are stirred to be re-interpreted or continued.

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