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Updated: May 24, 2023

(Google or read on to know the meaning)

All my nervousness evaporated day 1 of college. My Nakakapagpabagabag moment. The opportunities we give our children, I wonder now why we think a zillion times trying to give ourselves the same? I was delighted to see some “mature” students amongst my very young just graduated new classmates. Starting with a little nod and smile, i was soon chatting with all of them. Easy peasy…no mean feat. I had made a big deal about “how will i make friends“ bit much to my kids’ amusement.

Now i move on after more than 20 years in the creative field, to unlearn what i know. Instead the focus will be to explore my experiences, self reflect and look at everything this course gives me access to. Not taking anything for granted. Not think about after this what next. Just living in the moment, making the most, learning and embracing. Experimenting and making mistakes.

Experimenting with textures in my new studio space

After a long day of orientation and lectures, I could not hold my horses. Like a good student, I registered for every workshop that i could see on the college portal, first one being on digital design. But what seemed like a very quick innocuous trip to the city centre activating my debit card at the bank and buying an umbrella became a longish, shoppingish type of missing the fist workshop kind of day. 🙈

So you see like always, it wasn’t my fault. I was over excited trying to use my UniPass (bus pass) and it was looking for that bus stop that made me miss the workshop and not those shoes (yes, and i also got additional student discount on those..what a high!) and sweaters (all woollies had burnt down) and damn 450 calories McDonalds burger (had just gone for a pee break)! p.s. i forgot to buy the umbrella 😑

Nakakapagpabagabag (Tagalog) Nakakapagpabagabag is the coolest word. It cures what it defines: It translates to “something that creates anxiety or uneasiness,” but there’s no way anyone can try saying it without feeling anything but delight and amusement afterward.

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