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Pooja Bahri is a multidisciplinary artist who explores human experience, environmental consciousness, and the cultural fabric that weaves our society together. As a co-founder of Art For Art Organisation, Champatree Art Gallery and The Create Studio, and a recipient of the gold medal for video art at the Florence Biennale in 2011, her portfolio spans immersive installations, performance art, and poignant visual narratives. Bahri’s dedication to art education and her role in nurturing emerging talent through courses, portfolio development, and counselling reflect her commitment to the art community.

With a background as the former head of research for a leading political party in Delhi, Bahri infuses her artistic practice with a rich understanding of cultural policy and environmental advocacy. Her work, crossing the thresholds of gender, identity, motherhood, and our ecological footprint, invites a dialogue that challenges perceptions and promotes sustainability. Through her extensive experience and innovative approach, Bahri fosters a reflective journey, bridging personal and global narratives and urging a reevaluation of our relationship with the environment.

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