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When life gives you lemons, relax…and sip hot lime water!

It has been the most important year of my life. 2021- no I can’t hate much ever I would’ve liked to. This was the year where I might’ve lost everything materialistic (ok, also a lot of the mental and physical health too) but gained back much more. That’s only because I REFUSED and FOUGHT hard to not let it consume me. In fact 2021 has empowered me to the person that makes me the proudest today.

The faith built up through certain experiences in life bring in you some kind of a calming liveliness. So even if there is an urge for the need to do more things, learn more and share more, there is also some kind of a peaceful contentment with your journey so far.

I have learnt to take one day at a time to create and recreate myself and my surroundings, living intuitively and not planning ahead, emphasising on discovery. Discovering things I didn’t know about myself. I think I even take care of my health more.. look much better than what i looked in my thirties (well that’s what I’m told 😊)

As I bid adieu to the year that I only have gratitude for, I look forward to and hope to balance the home, work and studio/online college life. Like they say “trim the fat”.. let the unnecessary and toxic relationships go and you learn to make your own little happy tribe that inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Gyaan to myself-

47 is NOT redundant.

Get out of your comfort zone. The world is yours.

Don’t let your work dictate how your life should be.

Don’t sit on it..just go ahead and do it.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

…and of course, sit back, relax and sip that hot lime water.

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