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“Dare be a mom there!” 

That’s what Devina, my daughter, says to me when I get my offer from Arts University Bournemouth for my Masters in Fine Arts.

I am 46- well nearly 47 years old, and I finally get to do my Masters in Fine Arts now. Every woman who knows this, calls me “lucky” or “really cool”. Well most don’t know that it required all my guts and two near death experiences in a matter of two months this year that actually made me take this step.

The damn Corona, left me all alone in my apartment, sick and weak and uncertain if I would meet my kids again (at least that’s what I thought at that moment)

Followed by a narrow escape from death by an engulfing fire at my house.

April 2021- I had not one but two life altering events. New Delhi was under lockdown, everyone was crying for someone in their family, and I was left grappling with existential crisis as the whole of Delhi was dying. I felt nothing but guilt crying over losing all my material possessions as I barely noticed that I was still alive!

So that’s when it struck me! Why lament and cry over what’s lost and why not just nurture what has survived? Me!

Having gained extensively as a creator, an entrepreneur, and an enabler, at this stage of my life, I felt the need for a concentrated and guided environment that would allow me to get back to my studio practice and help me achieve my long-term objectives.

I decide to give another go at a life that was gifted to me. I asked myself what would I have done differently this time around- and the answer just came to me … I would want to earn a Masters degree.

I applied to the uni, got the scholarship, ticked all the terms and conditions set in my mind.

So here I am! Nervous as hell!

The only advice I get from my daughter- “You dare be a mom there, just be yourself and see how you will love it!”

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is.”- Carson from Downtown Abbey.

Hmmm. Got me thinking, being a 24x7 mom…is that restricting or the sheer experience of sending two young adults to college, liberating?

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